Aegir’s services are divided into four arms:

  • Marine Consulting and Management
  • Marine Logistics
  • Ship Brokerage
  • Marine Contracting & Procurement

Marine Consulting and Management
Formulation of Marine Proceedures, provision of Marine Supervisors, and Management of oilfield projects.

Marine Logistics
All aspects of Marine Logistics, ranging from the tailoring of vessels to meet cargo requirements, through the loading and discharging of vessels, to overall project Supply Chain Management.

Ship Brokerage
Provision of vessels which meet the specific requirements of the oil and gas industry.  This ranges from negotiating with shipyards for newbuilds, completed newbuilds, or existing vessels, whether for sale, purchase, or charter. 

Negotiation and formation of Contracts for MODUs and equipment, and Charter Parties for vessels.

Marine Contracting & Procurement
Contracting and Procurement Services, ranging from sourcing and provision of marine equipment to bunker.